Finance solutions that support your business growth

We tailor finance packages for businesses and service providers to ensure that cash flow is never an obstacle to growing your business.

Meet Auxilio Finance

We admire businesses with great ideas. And we’re here to support your great ideas. Auxilio’s finance and cash flow solutions enable your growth by empowering you to invest in technology, equipment and software projects.

Whether you’re purchasing new IT hardware that your team need, investing in new equipment or machinery that will increase your output, implementing a software system that will optimise your business processes, or looking to realise your accounts receivable to improve your cash flow, we’ll work with you to deliver you financing that fast-tracks your initiatives.

When you set out to grow your business, a lack of capital or a short-term cash flow issue shouldn’t be the reason why your progress is halted. Auxilio helps you remove these barriers so that you can succeed.

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Finance solutions for businesses and vendors

Direct Business Finance

Don’t halt your progress towards growth. Leverage finance to invest in new technology, equipment and more. Eliminate cash flow issues and ensure you have access to capital funding for your growth initiatives through our commercial financing solutions.

Asset Finance for Vendors

If you’re selling business assets, machinery, equipment or technology, don’t lose sales due to large upfront costs that your customers haven't budgeted for. Finance your product offering, realise your revenue upfront and enable your customers to pay monthly.

What we finance

Equipment Finance Icon

Equipment Finance

If your business relies on expensive equipment to drive output, you’ll know how this capital expense can disrupt your cash flow. We finance a range of equipment and assets types across multiple industries.

Technology Finance Icon

Technology Finance

Your business needs the right technology tools to be able to grow. Preserve your working capital by financing your technology, including laptops, servers, printers, telecommunications equipment and more.
Software Finance Icon

Software Projects

Investing in software projects can vastly improve your business processes, but these projects often come with initial development or setup costs. Eliminate this cash burden by financing your software development and other upfront costs on our unique software plan.

Invoice Factoring Icon

Invoice Factoring

When your business has outstanding invoices and your cash flow is suffering because of it, you can leverage invoice factoring to realise your revenue and resolve your cash flow pain. Auxilio’s offers invoice factoring for invoices on 30-90 day payment terms.

Why should I finance with Auxilio?

We support your growth
Our finance solutions enable you to access the technology, equipment and assets you need to grow your business.
We create relationships

You're not just a number to us. Our business is built on the foundation of strong relationships, and we genuinely want to see you succeed. 

We improve your cash flow

We provide you with a means to innovate and grow without hurting your cash flow or losing control of your business.

We're fast and flexible
Our finance solutions are approved quickly and are flexible to adapt to your changing needs.
We make your experience seamless
Quickly and easily apply for your finance online. No more drawn-out approval processes.

Finance Your Growth

Get in touch to learn more about how Auxilio Finance can support your business growth through flexible finance solutions.