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Whether you’re looking to invest in technology tools for your team, acquire new equipment or embark upon a big software development project, we can help you reach your goals with our competitive and flexible business finance.

No matter what business you’re in, cash flow and access to capital represent the biggest hurdles in your ability to invest in growth initiatives. More often than not, a lack of capital can cause a great deal of stress and slow down your ability to scale.

Don't let a lack of capital or cash flow challenges inhibit your growth. Auxilio empowers you to grow through our flexible and fast business finance. We offer finance for a range of assets, including equipment, technology hardware, software, development projects, and invoice factoring.

Our business finance solutions

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Equipment Finance

If your business relies on expensive equipment or hardware to generate output or bring in revenue, you’ll understand the importance of not having to compromise and ensuring you have the right equipment. Whether you’re starting up your business, expanding your operation or replacing old equipment, the cost of new equipment can be a massive burden for your business to bear.

Rather than delaying necessary purchases until you have set aside enough capital, forgoing expansion or losing sales, leverage our fast equipment financing to secure your new assets. 

We’ll work with you to tailor an equipment finance solution to suit your needs.

We offer equipment finance for a range of equipment and machinery, including:

  • Office equipment such as printers and phone systems
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Waste, recycling and energy efficiency equipment
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Increase your output and optimise productivity with fast equipment financing

Increase your output

Acquire the equipment you need to grow your business today.

Optimise your cash flow
Eliminate upfront costs and maintain predictable monthly expenses.
Keep up with sales demand

Don't lose sales because you can't meet output demand or customer deadlines.

Mitigate your risks
Ensure that you're not using outdated equipment that poses potential danger or risk of failure.

Technology Finance v2

Technology Finance

With the ever-changing face of business technology and rapid upgrades occurring every year, your business demands up-to-date hardware that ensures your team are productive and happy.

However, new technology often comes with a hefty price tag. Big investments like refreshing your companies laptops and desktops, can make a large dent to your bank balance.

Instead of spending tens of thousands upfront, you can simply finance your business technology and pay a simple monthly fee. You’ll get the technology today, your team will be happy and more productive. 

Auxilio's technology finance covers a range of agreements, from pay-per-user or pay-per-device, operating leases, and managed print plans.

Leverage our technology finance to upgrade your:

  • Laptops and desktops
  • Servers and IT infrastructure hardware
  • Telecommunications and business phone systems
  • Managed print services and photocopiers

Technology finance that enables your innovation

Supercharge your growth

Upgrade to new technology that fuels your competitive edge.

Empower your staff

Give your team the technology they need to succeed. No more outdated technology and end-of-life hardware.

Act faster and be more agile

Flexible technology financing empowers you to scale as your business grows.

Conserve your cash flow
Eliminate upfront costs and maintain predictable expenses.

Invoice Factoring & Invoice Finance

For many businesses throughout Australia, the number one issue they face day-to-day is cash flow. According to ASIC, inadequate cash flow accounts for 51% of business failures in Australia. Even effective sales businesses can experience cash flow pain while waiting for clients to meet payment terms.

We work with you to avoid the stress of juggling your business expenses while your accounts receivable team pursue payment. Through Auxilio’s invoice factoring and invoice finance solution, we can ensure there is cash flowing into your business when you need it most.

Through invoice factoring, we can finance your outstanding invoices and allow you to instantly access the majority of your invoice value upfront. As customers make payment or you generate more invoices, Auxilio's invoice factoring solution allows you to access the cash you need in line with your business requirements.

Our invoice factoring and invoice financing are available across a range of industries and applications, including: 

  • Manufacturers, construction and trade services
  • Wholesalers and distributors
  • Managed service providers
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Reduce your stress and take care of cash flow with invoice finance

Rid yourself of financial stress

Get peace of mind with a stable cash flow.

Access your cash today
Don't wait months for your invoices to be paid.
Continue to grow your business

Ensure you have the capital to deliver continued service to your customers.

Head off any disputes with suppliers

Don't jeopardize your relationships by delaying your payments to suppliers.

Software Projects v2

Software Project Finance

We’ll work with you to tailor a software financing solution suited to your project, eliminating your upfront development costs and fast-tracking your project. With all your software project costs accounted for as a single monthly fee, your project will get the approval you need to get it underway so that you can focus on getting the results you need.

We offer finance for a range of software projects and SaaS costs, including:

  • Migrating to cloud infrastructure or IaaS
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) -  Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle and more
  • CRM - such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and other workflow automation tools - such as UiPath and Automation Anywhere

Fast-track your software projects with commercial financing

Speed up your innovation
With project costs taken care of, get your initiatives off the ground quicker.
Eliminate upfront development costs

By financing your entire software project, you'll have a more predictable cash flow.

Small and large projects

Our software finance can be used for small implementations or large scale projects.

Our simplified financing experience

Find products and services

Work with product and service providers to find technology and equipment that will enable your growth. Obtain pricing for the assets you're looking to finance.

Engage with Auxilio

With your purchase and pricing ready to be made, engage with Auxilio to create a finance solution for your purchase.

Continue to grow

With your finance approved, you can immediately implement your new technology or equipment. We'll ensure your provider is paid and you'll have cash flow friendly monthly payments, giving you the support you need to grow your business.

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