Finance your products and services, eliminate customer objections

Don't let large upfront costs and cash flow be the reason why that you lose sales. Work with us to finance your offering and win customers.

Finance your offering, offer more value

“It’s too expensive.” “We don’t have the budget right now.”

To anyone in sales, these are the last phrases you want to hear when you’re attempting to win a new customer, but unfortunately, they’re all too common. You might have the best product or service in the world, but if your customers can’t afford it, then you’re going to struggle to grow your business.

In most cases, this lack of budget comes down to one thing; cash. Cash flow is still one of the top issues facing most businesses in Australia, especially SMEs. CBA recently found that 80% of small businesses delay the adoption of technology offering long-term benefits due to cash flow. 

To eliminate these objections, we’ll partner with you to offer your customers a cash-flow friendly alternative through our flexible finance agreements. No more losing deals due to budget restrictions.

Realise your revenue upfront and create sticky relationships through long-term contracted bundled service agreements.

We're in the business of supporting your growth

Our flexible finance solutions unlock your sales potential and enable your growth.

Realise revenue upfront

Provide your customers with a simple monthly spend while you realise the revenue upfront. Leverage this cash to invest in your business growth.

Eliminate budget objections

Give your customers a cash-flow friendly way to pay, empowering them to spend with confidence.

Easy online submission

Our online portal will allow you to quickly submit deals online. Less time spent on paperwork and more time spent on high-value work.

Fast finance approval

Our smart credit-matrix will provide approval within 5 minutes for eligible agreements. No more long-running approval processes.

Flexible vendor finance for your products and services

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Equipment Finance

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Technology Finance

Equipment Finance

Upgrading business equipment and machinery is an expensive exercise for your customers. While upgrading equipment or increasing production can drive measurable productivity gains for your customers, lack of capital can result in customers continuing with out-dated or underperforming equipment until their cash flow allows them to upgrade.

Don’t wait for this eventual sale to happen, we can help you enable your customers to make their purchases sooner with an equipment financing solution that requires no up-front costs. Our equipment finance can help you overcome budget objections by offering your customers a cashflow-friendly option to pay for their equipment over a 3-5 year operating lease.

You’ll receive your invoice value upfront and your customers get to upgrade their equipment immediately.

Auxilio's fast and flexible equipment finance can be used across a range of equipment and other assets, including:

  • Office equipment such as printers and phone systems
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Waste, recycling and energy efficiency equipment
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Technology Finance Vendor

Technology Finance

While the technology that you offer may provide real and measurable benefits to your customers, it is not uncommon for businesses to forgo upgrading their technology due to cash flow restrictions, instead opting to retain end-of-life equipment. This can be a tough objection for you to overcome.

What if you could offer your customers a simple monthly bill and no start-up costs? We work with technology providers to finance a range of solutions, enabling your sales teams and give your customers access to the technology they need.

Auxilio’s finance provides fast, flexible and scalable finance solutions. We support rentals / operating leases, per device (DaaS), per-user or per print (MPS) plans.

Leverage our technology finance for:

  • Laptops and desktops
  • Telecommunications and business phone systems
  • Managed print services and photocopiers
  • Servers and IT infrastructure hardware

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